Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance Packages

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One of the basic necessities of having a website is somewhere to host it. Hosting is essentially where your website lives.

There are countless hosting providers to choose from and it can easily become an overwhelming task. Which one provides the best service? Which is trustworthy? Which one is going to give your site the best performance?

These are all great questions to be asked, and we are here to help simplify things for you. At Black Lantern Digital, we prefer to be transparent and give our clients the freedom of choice.

  1. You can choose to take the wheel and use a hosting provider of your choice. or…
  2. You can make use of our enterprise-level, high-performance servers, where we are able to closely manage and monitor your website.


Let’s go over the key differences between the two options to see what best suits your needs.

Choose your own hosting

You have the freedom to choose and manage your own hosting if you wish. But be careful though! We advise avoiding low-cost shared hosting plans. 

Most hosting providers offer a low-cost option which may sound appealing, but we highly recommend reconsidering these lower-tier plans.

They are typically shared hosting plans where your website shares the server resources with MANY other random websites. This can cause performance issues when other websites on the server hog the bandwidth, causing your visitors to have a slower experience with your website from time to time. This will also affect your ranking in search engines like google. Yikes!

Hosting with us

We only want the BEST for our clients! That’s why we offer our own high-performance, fine-tuned MANAGED hosting options. We have your best interests in mind and want to offer a complete service when it comes to your website. Our pricing model is comparable to most other major providers (even more affordable, really). We believe performance is everything, and a fast and secure server is a big contributor to your website giving a better user experience and ranking higher in the search results. Hosting with us means you know your site is running at its best, and we are able to monitor and easily manage it all in one place. For peace of mind, convenience, security, and performance – it’s a worthy monthly investment for our clients.

What’s included

  • Fast SSD virtual private servers
  • Basic monthly backups
  • Security
  • SSL
  • Optional: Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Improved page speeds for global visitors.

Maintenance Plans

We also offer additional services on top of the hosting, which includes a whole lot more for managing the actual website side vs the server side.

What’s included:

Manual Updates: We will update your plugins, themes, and core functionality regularly. This is a very important task for WordPress websites. Out-of-date plugins leave your site vulnerable to attacks, putting it at risk for hackers, or having information stolen.

24/7 Real-time Monitoring: Servers and sites going down happens. Luckily, we have tools to monitor these things and we will know immediately when your website goes down. As soon as we notice downtime, we start an investigation to diagnose the issue and fix it asap.

Security Checks: Similar to the monitoring, we run checks to make sure your site doesn’t become infected with malware or anything malicious. If we get a warning, we will be able to take the right measures to secure the situation.

Performance checks and error repairs: Another great point to monitor. If a plugin update or something conflicts with another plugin or aspect of your site, things can get a little wonky and your performance can take a hit. Sometimes you might not even notice it. If our scans pick up any issues, we will make the necessary adjustments to get it back to good health.

Please see our packages below.

Bare Bones

Basic & cost effective
Contact for a quote
  • Manual Plug-in updates
  • Core system updates
  • Theme Updates
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Zen Mode

For a Complete peace of mind
Contact for a quote
  • Everything from Bare Bones
  • DAILY off-site backups
  • Security checks
  • Performance checks
  • Error repairs (issues with plugins, responsiveness, functionality, etc.)


For content creation
Contact for a quote
  • Minor content updates and additions (not additional pages)
  • Small layout changes
  • Image re-sizing and optimization (to keep site speed fast)

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